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  • We welcome any individual that has a desire to lose weight!

    We will teach you how to properly lose weight AND maintain your target weight using a methodology that has been developed and refined for over 20 years.  Our personal weight loss coaches will help improve your self esteem and guide you to success with our program.

    One of our primary objectives during your weight loss program will be to avoid the loss of muscle while you are decreasing fat within your body.  The reason we must avoid this issue is because muscle is required to burn calories.  If you wish to return to a normal eating habit after our program, then it is imperative that you have enough muscle in order to burn the normal amount of calories that you eat. 

    The National Institutes of Health has reported that most dieters will regain almost all of their lost weight within 5 years after their dieting.  It is education and muscle that will help to prevent your weight loss endeavor from becoming one of these statistics.

    Lastly, if you begin dieting again after you’ve regained weight, you will continue to lose more muscle, which will further inhibit your ability to burn calories and lose/maintain a desirable weight.

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